Getting Inked with a Lion – what does a Lion Tattoo mean?

Lion tattooThe king of the jungle, a majestic beast, ferocious, cunning and a skilled hunter are the descriptions that humans have given to Panthera Leo, or in non-scientific terms, the Lion. No wonder it has been used a symbol in every culture since the dawn of civilization.

From the Greeks, to the Egyptians, to the Romans the list can go on and on. The symbolism is still practiced today and is present everywhere all across the globe from groups, companies, country flags etc. and among individuals as tattoos. Let’s delve a little deeper in to the various meanings for getting a lion tattoo.

The most common reason to get a lion tattoo is to denote strength. As a creature that can take down preys many times its size, Lion justifies being a symbol of strength. It also is mark of authority and command, so Lion tattoos may mean someone striving to get authority or someone who is in command of himself and others around him. It could also denote control and command over ones conscious and subconscious minds.

Lion tattoos are primarily considered symbols of male power. Almost all the Lion tattoos are of male lions, whose manes tend to portray a more majestic look. Lions have been used by military groups to denote honor, courage, bravery and dominance and as a tattoo it also signifies the same. It isn’t uncommon for men having served in the military to have these tattoos, especially if it was on the coat of arms for their unit.

Lion tattoos also symbolize defending ones beliefs or morals and if required ferociously. Although less common, Lioness tattoos have been used to symbolize motherhood, a protector who can be fierce and dangerous, and family. Lionesses symbolized spirituality in antiquity, and that has carried over to the modern world and hence some tattoos mean that as well.

Lions may also be representative of a person’s religious beliefs as the lion is held in high regard by all the religions of the world. In Christianity, Jesus has been depicted as a lion most notably as a Lion of Judah. In far eastern art, culture and mythology the lion is omnipresent. In Hinduism, Vishnu takes the form of Narasimha to slay evil. It isn’t uncommon to see lion or lioness tattoos with religious motifs woven into them.

People who are into astrology and have the sun sign of the Lion or Leo may get a tattoo to denote the same and as a reminder of what they are, can be or how to conduct themselves daily.

While Lion tattoos are hard to get as they require a lot of detailing and hence requires a long session under the pain of a tattoo gun the results are worthwhile. Getting the tattoo is hard enough, but carrying it off is harder if someone is having a bad day.

Whatever may be the reasons of getting a lion tattoo, it is one of the most recognizable symbols for all the qualities described above, and is a sure shot way of getting one motivated and reminded of ones belief about themselves. A versatile idea for a tattoo!