What is the meaning of TATTOO for dice?

Dice tattoo designs come in a variety of designs ranging from small and simple one-point and large designs combined with other motifs. The combination of dice and flame is also popular, and you can make the dice stand out by combining flames.

What does the dice TATTOO mean?

A dice is a regular hexahedron with six faces, and each face has a number from 1 to 6 indicated by a round dot. For example, a dot 6 is drawn on the back side of the 1 side, a face 6 on the back side, and a side 5 on the back side of the 2 side. Dice have been used for thousands of years, and it seems that it was originally a simple one with only two sides, the back and the front, but a hexahedron dice that seems to be around the 8th century BC was found in the Assyrian ruins It seems to be. It is impossible to predict which eyes will appear by rolling the dice.

Therefore, it seems that the dice were considered to be the will of God and were sometimes used in religious ceremonies. It is said that Japan was introduced from China with Sugoroku before and after the Nara period. In the famous story “Heike Monogatari” depicting the prosperity and downfall of the Heike in the Kamakura period, starting with “Voice of Gion Seiya”, the 72nd Emperor of Japan in the latter half of Heian period created a monarchy and longly It is said that Pope Shirakawa, who is said to have seized the slogan, cited “the water of the Kamo River, Sugoroku no Makoto, and the Yamahoshi” as three things that he did not expect.

Kamo Rivers water refers to the flooding of Kamo River (Kamo River) flowing through Kyoto, which is constantly flooded, and Sugoroku Pass is a dice that cannot read the eyes thrown by Sugoroku. It refers to the monk (priest soldier) of Hieizan Enryakuji who intervenes in politics. These three are said to be “Tenka three unintentional”. Dice used in religious ceremonies and fortune-telling has come to be used in board games such as backgammon over time, and is a motif closely related to gambling. You cannot read the eyes of the dice you threw.

It doesnot change even if you have the talent and skills you have cultivated. As it is difficult to predict what will happen in life in the future, winning or losing which eye will appear depends on luck at that time, so it often means luck, an uncertain future, adventure, etc. Dice says “dice” in English, but the word “dicey” is used to mean that there is a risk or uncertainty. I think life is like an uncertain gambling game, and there is a sense that dice tattoo design doesnot take risks and seizes a single life. 7 is a lucky number, and when designing two dice, it is often drawn to add 7 to become 7. If the two dice eyes are both "1", it is said to be "Snake Eyes", and in the game called Craps, it is the parents win, so unlucky It also has a meaning to say.

In addition, as a symbol of “Man Ruin” in tattoos, in addition to motifs related to gambling such as dice, drawing motifs such as alcohol, women, music, gold, etc., life like a bang Sometimes it can be expressed or expressed as a commandment to yourself. Speaking of dice, gambling and gambling are casinos which has slot machine and poker, but Osaka, where this tattoo studio is located, seems to be considering opening a casino before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. If the agen togel online casino can be in Osaka, where will it be?

The meaning of the dice:

"Good luck""Ease""Unpredictable""equality""Ambitioner"

Words related to dice

A spear was thrown: This proverb says "The die is cast" in English, and rubycon to fight Pompeius, the ancient Roman politician "Julius Caesar", who had the power of the Roman government These words are said to have been said when crossing the river. Since the dice has already been thrown, it is used in the sense that it is necessary to make a decision and leave the luck to heaven.

Bullshit: I write it in Japanese characters and kanji, but this is a hit character. There are a variety of eyes that roll out dice. For this reason, talking about things that are ridiculous or unfounded is called bullshit.

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