Starter Guide — How to Choose the Right Tat?

Fancy Finger TattooHave you noticed these days it seems that in every second person is proudly showing off his tattoos. You get the traditional old guys who have had tattoos for a long time as well as teens both young men and women who have recently started their tattoo collection. Choosing a tattoo the first time is usually a hard move to make, especially when the tattoo are going to be permanent on your body throughout your life. Now which tattoo designs or ideas for men or for women would you like to undertake? First thing you should consider is what is your motive behind the tattoo? What do you would like to express through it? Allow yourself to climb help you cut down your search options to be able to choose the perfect tattoo design which you would like.

Where Do People get Tattoo Ideas?

You can always decide to go with a tattoo design which has been created already, or you can choose to start from zero and create your own design for your tattoo. Most of tattoo joints or studios can allow you work one-on-one with their artist together so that you can come up with a perfect tattoo design for you.

From my experience creating your own tattoo design could be a smart idea as what you finally end up getting tattooed on your body will be more personalized with some specific significance with meaning to you.

If, however, you get more interested in trying to find a tattoo design which has been created, you the have a lot of options as you can find thousands of good websites that someone can visit then just browse through a gallery of designs until you get a design that makes you fall in love with. If you are clueless about what you really want, the information and pointers on popular tattoo designs and trends shared below will surely make your mind clearer:
1. Asian themed designs are becoming more common nowadays. If you’re interested in getting a tattoo of one or two Chinese characters that stand for your initials or maybe symbolize your personality, then, you can consider yourself as someone who likes Asian inspired designs. You do not need to be Asian in order to have tattoos that are Asian themed; just make sure that you ask a native or a local of the specific country in Asia what your chosen symbol or character means to ensure that you get a design that really shows what you want to say.

2. Since tattooing started with tribes, part of the list of great tattoo design ideas is the tribal type of design. It is characterized as a bold design with a number of intersecting patterns, lines, etc. Tribal themes are popular tattoo designs not only for the males but also for the females. Most men want them placed on their arms and chests while most women love for those to be tattooed on their upper backs, specifically just a little ways above their rears.

3. Getting a tattoo that’s photo-realistic is also a recommended idea. Males are usually the ones who have tattoos of this type. A photo-realistic body art is one that features a portrait e.g. the face of your wife tattooed on your body. This is included in well liked tattoo design ideas for men and not really that popular for women.

There are surely a lot of popular tattoo designs to choose from but you have to make sure that you select one that really showcases your personality, or your belief, and the like. Do not rush on selecting a design. Remember that tattoos are forever (unless you have them removed) so you should really think hard about which design to have before actually getting a tattoo. Aside from looking at the tattoo artist’s portfolio, you can also search online for ideas. There’s even software that give you access to hundreds, even thousands of styles – you can just customize them to make them unique. So if you want to get tattooed first of all think long and very hard about which tattoo designs you would like to have and a word of caution, don’t ever get tattooed unless you are sure hundred percent that you can love your chosen tat forever.