Tattoo Ideas and Popular Trends

Pixelated-Hand-TattooThere are some practices that are seemingly everlasting. Tattooing oneself is one such practice. Whether you lived 100 years ago, or lived a thousand years ago, or love now, you will always see people with tattoos. Tattoo ideas and trends have come and gone and as things stand now, it seems as if this practice is only set to get better and even more popular as more and more celebrities get inked. Add to that fact that there are a quite a number of TV shows centralized on tattooing and you have yourself a mini-revolution.

There was a time when tattoos were used to identify a person. In some ancient cultures, tattoos symbolized a person’s station in life; in some it told a story of who they were and what they had done. A few decades ago, it symbolized rebellion and a free spirit. Today, it symbolizes an appreciation for art and almost whatever else you want it to mean.

There are people who get tattoos because they want to forever etch a certain memory onto their bodies. Maybe they want to remember the face of loved one, so they have that tattooed on themselves; others use it as a way to show undying devotion and love, so they have names tattooed; many do it because they feel like it and because they like a certain design. One thing is for sure, tattoos are growing in popularity.

There are however, some tattoo trends that transcend individual desires; some trends and design that send forth a powerful message. A message that the wearer wants to be identified with; a message that could change the way the world looks at tattoos. One such trend is the ‘semi-colon’.
The Semi-colon Tattoo Trend
From tribal tattoos, to tramp-stamps, dolphins, kanji and arm bands, we have now moved to simple tattoos that have a meaning. The ‘Semi-colon’ is one such trend. Recently, the various social media platforms have swelled with images of little semi-colon tattoos from different people all around the globe. This was inspired by the non-profit organization called ‘The Semicolon Project’. This organization deals directly with victims of mental health and associated conditions such as depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety. The Semicolon Project called out for people who have ever experienced any of these conditions to draw a semicolon on any part of their bodies to symbolize the life that they might have ended but chose not to. According to The Semicolon Project, the semicolon acts very much like the punctuation mark that it is. It represents a sentence that could have ended in a period but did not because the author chose not to do so. Your life is the sentence in this analogy, meaning that those who have ever experienced suicidal thoughts due to depression, anxiety and a variety of other mental health associated conditions chose to live instead of committing suicide. The Semicolon is a testament to that.
Since these are things that a majority of the world’s population identifies with today, the semicolon tattoo trend has taken a life of its own with millions of people choosing that as their most recent tattoo idea.

Tribal Insignia
Regardless of which tribal tattoo idea you go with, you know that you will stand out from the crowd. There are as many reasons for these tribal tattoos as there are designs. Polynesian tribal tattoos used to symbolize various ideas and notions. Some tattoos where inked in respect to the sea, others to the various gods and some were used by warriors to symbolize their prowess in battle and to show the society their brevity. Today, many tribal tattoos are used a way to honor these ancient societies that had much virtue and honor than we do. Other people use them because they would like to identify with their past while others simply do so because the tribal designs are splendid, to say the least.

Ideas for tattoos are a dime a dozen. And as tattoo artists and equipment get better, we begin to see better and more intricate designs that can only be termed as ‘Art’. Today, tattoos are not viewed as a sign of rebellion, but as a personal statement that means something to the wearer. That statement is as varied as the wearers, but one thing is for sure, tattoos are here to stay and the trends are only going to get better and more profound.