The Art of Tattoo Designs and You

3 Birds on a WireThroughout recorded history, inking artwork on the human body as a form of self-expression has allowed people to identify with their chosen culture, define their values and beliefs, and even symbolize their journey through life. When you stop to think about it, tattooing is more than merely a way to display an interesting artwork. It really is a powerful way to make a statement about who you are and what you think is most important to you. In this article, we’ll review some tattoo trends and help you choose your next tattoo.


Surveying the Trends in Tattoos

Once considered only appropriate mostly for rebels and outlaws, tattoos have again become popular with more main-stream sub-cultures throughout the world. Today, however, there have been many different trends in this art, and we’ll consider some of the ones popular now. A big theme currently in tattooing is themes from TV and movies that convey strong emotions or ideas. Examples might be scenes of zombie apocalypses or from popular epic movies that have become cult classics. On the other hand, while tribal art has waned in popularity this decade, other stylized lettering and symbols have risen up to take their place, including Middle Eastern and Indian pieces. Yet, at the same time, tattoos that are ironic or have a subtle hidden meaning are popular with hipster crowds. At the end of the day, however, simple scenes of loved ones, classic symbols like the sacred heart or symbols of nature, and others have remained in trend. With so many options, really anything is possible for a skilled tattoo artist.


How to Choose Your Next Tattoo Design

Selecting a suitable tattoo for yourself, whether you’re getting your first one or already have some, is often a personal matter that can be influenced by many factors. One of the easiest ways to narrow down all your choices is to create a list for yourself of possible ideas. When you make your list, don’t confine yourself to any one certain type of thing. Instead, use your list as a brainstorming sheet to really capture what you might like in a design. List out anything that comes to mind, from values that are important to you to events that were meaningful in your life. Also include symbols, animals, or even styles you find interesting or significant. Another helpful resource is to browse through options at your local tattoo shop. Artists often keep portfolios of their own work available to give you an idea of what styles they excel most at, while also keeping on hand books with 100s or even 1000s of tattoo designs to choose from. Remember, you can always ask for something you see to be modified to make it your very own design.


Finally, with each tattoo you get, you show the world another link to your thoughts, ideas, and values. You can commemorate a life event or signify your deepest beliefs. You can also symbolize anything from your heritage to your favorite band. But no matter which tattoo you choose to get, you can be sure that you’re part of a history of art that’s sure to never go away.